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Customer Service Representative
About QUE Financial

QUE Financial was established in 1988 to provide professional, patient-friendly, performance-driven services to an increasingly labor intensive segment of the healthcare receivable: self-pay. It's a well-known fact in healthcare revenue cycle management that self-pay accounts demand the most intensive staff resources. QUE Financial's SOLUTIS™ self-pay services can ease that burden by taking full responsibility for the management of these accounts, allowing your staff to focus more diligently on the government, commercial and managed care receivables.

QUE Financial is not a collection agency, nor do we employ collection agency techniques to resolve your accounts. All patients and their families are treated with the utmost respect as they are encouraged to satisfy their financial obligation to your organization. And, through proven methods and measurable results in self-pay receivables management, QUE assists healthcare providers in reducing their bad debt and agency expenses while speeding the collection of outstanding receivables.

At QUE, we constantly strive to develop more efficient and effective processes to streamline labor-intensive tasks, provide high quality solutions, and maintain the highest standards of customer service. As a business partner, you will quickly learn that QUE's focus is to deliver a premium product at a fair price with our customer's needs and expectations uppermost in our minds.